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OFC Copper Bars

OFC Copper BarsSvamitva Steel Industries is leading Oxygen Free Copper C10100 & C10200 Bars Suppliers from India. We provide superior quality raw material with variety of grades, shapes and sizes. We supply best quality OFC Copper Bars that are used in various mechanical and industrial applications.

We at Svamitva Steel are guaranteed fast delivery of the OFC Copper Bars in the country & worldwide. They are made ready as per the urgent requirements of the customers.

Product Specifications

Specifications Properties
Width 5 mm to 350 mm
Materials Copper
Diameter 3.17 mm to 350 mm
Presence of copper Content 99.99%
Wall Thickness 1 mm to 60 mm
Form Square, round, hexagons, flats

Chemical Properties

Element OFC Copper Bars
P 0.005 Max
Sn 0.003 Max
Fe 0.019 Max
Cu 99.94 Min
Sb 0.001 Max
Bi 0.0001 Max
As 0.001 Max
Ni 0.001 Max

Mechanical Properties

Element OFC Copper Bars
Density 8.0 gm/cm3
Tensile Strength 234
Yield Strength 69
Elongation 45%


  • Architecture and construction
  • Automotive
  • Electrical applications
  • Marine equipment
  • HVAC
  • Machined parts and components
  • Bus Bars
  • Transformer Connectors
  • Power Transmission equipment


  • High conductivity
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Very long lasting
  • Quality Materials
  • High electrical conductivity
  • High thermal conductivity
  • High strength
  • Different sizes and thickness
  • Cost-effective rates