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Rebar Coupler

CouplerWe at Svamitva Steel are dedicatedly engaged in manufacturing, supplying and trading optimum quality Rebar Coupler. Renowned for its best quality products, and efficient customer services, the organization is not just selling rebar coupler steel bar coupler, but also supply different Rebar Coupler products like rebar coupler steel bar coupler thread rolling machine.

An absolute commitment to quality, timely delivery and competitive pricing, Svamitva Steel ensures uninterrupted customer satisfaction. Our expertise in mechanical rebar splicing through parallel treading ensures high ultimate tensile strength in comparison to the tapered threading machine and lapping method. Our stock department is regulated with continuous supervision of quality checks of the stock in accordance with client requisitions. Our team of operators are skilled to perfection which ensures there speed to deliveries in a disciplined manner.

The entire scope of operations is designed to provide quick and efficient deliveries to our clientele. To support this outstanding customer experience we have coupled our deliveries with in house transport systems. A standby team coupled by extra machinery is maintained to ensure larger or unexpected last minute orders. We are a team of highly motivated and focused experts who work towards providing the best quality of Rebar Coupler to our clients.

Services & commitments:  Svamitva Steel is committed to providing continuous service to our clients and always seek to create and maintain a close as well as a long-term relationship with our clients.

Product Specifications

Our Part Code Material Outer Diameter Length Pitch(P)(Metric Thread) Outer Diameter Chamfer(ODC)
T-16 EN8D 28 32 M 18 X 2.0 1 X45
T-20 EN8D 33 40 M 24 X 2.5 1 X45
T-25 EN8D 40 50 M 29 X 3.0 1 X45
T-28 EN8D 46 56 M 32 X 3.0 1 X45
T-32 EN8D 50 64 M 36 X 3.0 1 X45
T-36 EN8D 58 72 M 40 X 3.5 1 X45
T-40 EN8D 65 80 M 45 X 3.5 1 X45


Mechanical splicing system designed by for the connection of concrete reinforcing bars 012 to 57 mm (ASTM #4 TO #18). Designed & manufactured in compliance with euro code2, BS 8110, DN 1045, ACI318, IBC, AASHTO, ASME Sec III Div 2.


  • No reduction of the ductility of the reinforcing bar.
  • No reduction of the nominal cross-section area of the parent bars.
  • Couplers are individually marked to allow full traceability of the material parallel- thread system.



Easy connection by bar rotation until full thread engagement parallel thread. No risk of thread miss-match. No risk of cross threading.


Even when both bars cannot be turned, the system uses a standard joint coupler (exactly the same as used for type A) the coupler is fully engaged onto the extended thread of the connecting bar. The assembly is simply completed by cutting the end of the bar & screwing back the coupler onto the first bar until full engagement. This assembly method is similar to type B, with the addition of lock – nut to maintain the second bar in position.


When the bars cannot be brought butt to butt (as it may happen in cages manufacturing), bridging splices are the answer, both bars are threaded with a standard coupler thread & a bridging assembly set is used to connect them.


When there a need for splice bars of different sizes, it is allowable in most cases to reduce the size of the larger bar & to use a standard coupler. However, the system also proposes special transition couplers that conveniently avoid the difficult task of planning in advance the need for transitions.


A convenient alternative to hooked bars to provide end anchorages in congested areas. Standard anchorage heads are circular and have net bearing areas of 4 times or 9 times the cross-section of the bar, but can also be made to order in other shapes or dimensions to fit the requirement of the application.


For composite construction where concrete reinforcement bars must be welded to structural steel, use wieldable couplers, which are specially made from low carbon steel & which have a large chamfer for bevel welding


  • Bridges
  • Metro
  • Dams
  • Infrastructure project
  • Airports
  • Nuclear plant


  • No reduction of bar cross-section area.
  • Allows full ductile elongation of bars.
  • Easy installation, no torque wrench required.
  • Excellent corrosion resistance to atmospheric conditions
  • Type 2 coupler suitable for seismic areas.
  • Tested under reverse cyclic conditions.
  • Solves bar condition problems.
  • No staging of spliced bars required.